Webinar on “Social sciences and its allied disciplines in a post covid France"

Start Date: 
Friday, 18 September 2020
Start Time: 
11:00 am
On Microsoft Teams

Topic-   Webinar  on  “Social sciences and its allied disciplines in a post covid France"

Date- 18th September, 2020

Resource Persons-Dr. Neha Khanna, Representative to India, Science Po, Embassy of France New Delhi

Somya Jatwani, Manager, Campus France, Jaipur

Event coordinator-Ms Monica Jain

Platform-Microsoft Teams

Organised by- IIS(deemed to be University),Jaipur


France has always been known for being a student-friendly destination due to its cosmopolitan environment, cultural heritage, secularism and sophistication. As it is one of the most sought after countries for higher education, it is essential that students are guided right so that they take the right decision and since the breakout of Covid 19, it has become even more challenging to access the requisite information. So in the wake of current situation, the webinar was organized to orient the students of Social Sciences regarding the opportunities of higher education in France especially focusing what they should be expecting after Covid19 subsides. The first resource person Ms. Neha Khanna who works with Science Po , Embassy of France, New Delhi unveiled the details of the courses  available in France at both undergraduate  and post-graduate level and what is the criteria for getting selected. She gave students some useful tips about how students can improve their CVs if they are looking for opportunities in France. She laid emphasis on learning foreign languages to have an edge in the field of international education. The second speaker Ms Somya Jatwani ,Manager, Campus France discussed the formalities that students require to complete if they plan to go for their higher studies in France. She discussed about the basic requirements and also how Campus France would help them with counseling sessions .

                Towards the end ,the session was opened for questions and answers. The students had substantial doubts to which both the resource persons answered. The webinar was quite useful and informative.