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Dr. Nisha Yadav

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Sustainable Rural Development in India

RBSA Publisher, 2014
Globalization and Dynamics of Indian Middle Class RBSA Publisher, 2013
Human Migration in Indian Subcontinent RBSA Publisher,2013

Research Publications


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Development, Displacement and Relocation: A Study of Jaipur Rail Metro Project Impact: International Journal of Humanities , Arts and Literature
Gender Roles, Partiarchy and Women Empowerment: Issues and Debates Women Empowerment and Inclusive Growth( Conference Proceedings
A Sociological Analysis of Role of Rotray International towards Polio Eradication in India Panacea International Research Journal
Braving Polio: A Sociological Study of Polio Victims in Jaipur City Panacea International Research Journal
Development, Gains and Pains:A Sociological Study of Jaipur Metro Project The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences
Sustainable Rural Development inIndia: Need for Holistic Approach Sustainable Rural Development ( Conference Proceedings)
A Critical Sociological Study of Impact of Social Networking Sites onon Adolescents in Jaipur City The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences
Globalisation and Feminisation of Labour South Asian Studies
Globalization and Structures of Aspiration: A Psycho- Cultural Perception of Indian Middle Class Studies in Sociology
Brain Drain to Brain Gain:Perspectives on Reverse Migration Human Migration in Indian Subcontinent, RBSA Publishers( Conference Proceedings)
Globalization and Patterns ofSocial Life of Indian Middle Class( A Case of Jaipur City) The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences

‘Human Rights and Gender Issues: A Socio-Cultural Perspective’


 Conference Proceedings of UGC Sponsored State Level Conference on “Human Rights and Media” , October10-11, 2008.


‘Tutor Guardians: The Mentors’


Book of Presentations, National Paper Presentation on ‘Mentoring Practices in Institutions of Higher Education’, organized by CEDBEC, Christ College, Bangalore November 10 -11, 2006.


 ‘Multiculturalism : A Policy Response to Ethnic Diversity and A Conceptual Framework’

Studies in Sociology’: Special Issue on Multiculturalism and Society, Volume IX December 2005.


‘Socio-Cultural Perspective of Globalization: An Indian Context’

‘Nucleus’: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume V, No. I, Jan-June, 2005.



Dr.Arti Sharma

Title of Publication(Book)

Name of the Publisher

Education, State and Marketization: Some Sociological Issues

Educational Publishers, April 2011

Sustainable Rural Development in India RBSA Publisher, 2014
Women Empowerment and Inclusive Growth RBSA Publisher,2016
Women and Sustainable Development RBSA Publisher,2017

Title of Publication

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Education and  Inculcation of


The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences

Sustainable Development

and Mass Media

Communication Today,University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Globalisation and Feminization of Labour

South Asian Studies, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Education: A Mode of Silent Revolution in a Developing World

Studies in Sociology, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Attitude of Youth towards Remarriage of Hindu Women in Indian Society

Panacea International Research Journal

Role of Mass Media in Political Socialization of Youth

Panacea International research Journal

Social Dimension of Sustainable Rural Development

Sustainable Rural Development in India  (Conference Proceedings)

Rural Urban Migration in India: Gender Dimensions

Human Migration in the Indian Sub-continent; Complexities, Challenges and Implications ( Conference Proceedings)

Education for Sustainable Development and Community Schools

Research Expo, International Journal

Gender Inequality and Health of Women: Some Socio-Cultural Issues Impact: International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature
Revisiting Tribal Education: Issues and Concerns Panacea  International Research Journal


Ms. Pratibha Asudani


Name of Journal

Cybercrime: A virtual threat to society

Rajasthan Journal of Sociology

Emerging Trends in Cybercrime

Communication Today

A Critical Sociological Study of Impact of Social Networking Sites on Adolescents of Jaipur City

The IIS University Journal of Social Sciences

Socio-Cultural Implications of Migration

Conference Proceedings of National Conference on ‘Human Migration in the Indian Subcontinent: Complexities, Challenges & Implications

Sustainable Rural Development and the Role of Technology

Conference Proceedings of Sustainable Rural Development in India’ 


Dr. Pragya Sharma


Title of Publication

Name of the Journal

Economic Culture Interface: A Study of Effect of Economy on Culture of a Nomadic Tribe of Western Rajasthan: 'Raika',  

Oriental Anthropologist


Deification of Diseases: A Study of Health Behavior of Raikas

The Eastern Anthropologist


Conflict Resolution among Raika Community in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Journal of Sociology


Keeping Traditional Sojourn: Migration among Raiks. A Pastoral Nomadic Community of Rajasthan

Eastern Anthropologist


Progeny Proliferation:A Study Of Reproductive Health Behavior of Pastoral Nomads : Raika

 Oriental Anthropologist


Family Planning among Indian Nomadic Tribe



Change in Concept of Economic Culture Interface in Context of   Globalization among Raika Community

Gender, Identity and Multiple Marginalities, Jaipur,

Human Rights and Dalits

Conference Proceedings of XIX International Conference of RSA .


AIDS-An Epidemic:A Study of Social Awareness among Senior Students of School

Panacea International Research  Journal

Commodification of Women : A Study of Changing Status of Women

Panacea International Research Journal


An Ethnographic Account of Sansis of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Journal of Sociology


Democratic Values and Leisure Pattern of Nomadic Tribe of Rajasthan

Sociological Quest  


A Study of Maternity and Child Health Care in a Nomadic Community of Rajasthan

The Eastern Anthropologist


Education and Social Change

Panacea International Research Journal


Tribal Enterprenuership: A Socio-Anthropological Interpretation of Nomadic Community Raikas

Madhya Pradesh Journal of Social Sciences

“Tribal Society in a flux” (A Study of Raika Pastoral Nomads of Rajasthan)

Book Review in Eastern Anthropologist .


Ms. Saloni Singhania

Research Publications



Name of the Journal

Sustainable Tourism: A Step towards Sustainable Development

IIS (deemed to be University) Journal of Social Sciences