Field visit to study MNREGA and Impact of Swaccha Bharat Mission

Start Date: 
Saturday, 29 February 2020
Start Time: 
06:00 pm
Gwar Brahman Village

The Department of Sociology along with the department of Public Administration organized a field visit to nearby village of Jaipur called Ganwar Brhaman on Feb 29,2020 with Dr.Pragya Sharma and Mrs Preeti as the coordinators of the field visit. Students did base line survey and transit walk there and also made questionnairs filled by the villagers on government schemes like NREGA and SWACH BHARAT MISSION, and also suggested and asked the villagers about the development and management of disaster tools they want in their village.After the completion of survey students also went to Gram Panchayat with key respondent Jitendra Sharma for the collection of demographic profile of village. Overall it was a very good experience.