Breast Cancer Awareness

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 22 October 2019
Start Time: 
01:00 am

Centre for Women’s Studies, Women’s Cell and Department of Sociology
Report on Guest Lecture on “Breast Cancer Awareness”

Topic: Breast Cancer Awareness
Resource Person: Ms. Angana Goswami,
Counsellor at Sanjeevani NGO

Target Participants: U.G. & P.G. Students
Venue: AV Hall
Date: 22nd October 2019
Breast Cancer is the most common female cancer worldwide. In India, it accounts for 25% to 32% of female cancers, where in every four minutes one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and in every thirteen minutes one woman dies of it. Therefore, it makes it essential to have cancer literacy in women and for this, an initiative was taken by Women Cell ofDepartment of Sociology by organizing a guest lecture on 22nd October 2019 to raise awareness for breast cancer among Indian women and health professionals.
Ms. Archita and Ms. Angana stated that because of low cancer literacy the risk factors are more among Indian women, irrespective of their socio-economic and educational background. Considering this fact, there is an urgent need for nation- and state-wide awareness programmes, engaging multiple stakeholders of society and the health system, to help improve cancer literacy in India. They also shared the information and tips on how a woman could take care of herself and can examine herself initially for breast cancerat home. As they were the face of Sanjeevani NGO, they told us about how their NGO functions in terms of helping people who suffer from cancer.
The overall session was informative and concluded with a question-answer round. The session helped the students to gain knowledge regarding breast cancer which will not only be helpful for them but also making more people aware of this.