Indian Society: Structure and Change

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SOC 123
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It is presumed that the student has some familiarity with Indian society by virtue of the fact that she is a member of it and that she has observed and experienced some facets of it. However, this familiarity is likely to be superficial, selective and rather fragmentary. The course is aimed at rectifying these limitations by presenting a comprehensive, integrated and empirically-based profile of Indian society. This paper aims to analyze certain features specific to Indian society like caste system as well the status of women in the Indian society through ages.


Unit I: 
  • Evolution of Indian Society: Socio-cultural Dimensions
  • Cultural and Ethnic Diversity: Historically-embedded diversities in respect of language, caste, religious beliefs and practices and cultural practices; Unity in Diversity
Unit II: 
  • Basic Institutions of the Indian Society: Family, Marriage and Kinship
  • Changing dimensions of marriage and family in India
Unit III: 
  • Political and Economic Developments in Indian Society:
    • Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG); Problems of economic development
    • Class, Elite and Indian Politics


Unit IV: 
  • Women in India:
    • Status of women through ages
    • Constitutional safeguards and Women Empowerment


Unit V: 
  • Problems of Indian Society: Casteism, Communalism, Terrorism, Regionalisn
  • Nation building


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